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Poker Dictionary - T

    Table Cards – Cards dealt face-up on the table

    Table Charge – Seat charge: a fee paid for playing

    Table Image – Other people’s impression on someone’s playing style

    Table Stakes – A system of limiting wagers wherein a player may not go to his pocket for money during a hand

    Take a Bad Beat – To be on a losing side of a bad beat

    Take the Odds – To accept a wager

    Tap – To wager all of one’s money in a single bet

    Telegraph – To reveal information about one’s cards or intentions via clues sent through patterns of behavior

    Telephone Booth – A passive player who usually calls even when other actions would be advisable for a specific situation; synonymous with “Calling Station”

    Tell – An action or a pattern of behavior that gives clues and information on a player’s cards or intended actions

    Texas Hold’em – The most popular among the poker variations in which players are dealt 2 downcards and 5 community cards

    Third Pair – A pair made with a pocket card and the third-highest of the community cards

    Third Street – The third card dealt in Stud Games

    Thirty Miles – Three tens

    Three Flush – Three cards of the same suit

    Three of a Kind – A hand with three cards of the same number or face value

    Throwing a Party – Happens when several amateur players are contributing huge amounts of money to the pot

    Ticket – A card

    Tie – Two hands of equal value

    Tied On – When a player’s hand is good enough to be played until the game ends

    Tight – (1) A player who frequently folds even when it is advisable to play a hand; (2) A game that does not have much action

    Tilt – To have the quality of one’s play negatively affected by frustration on losing in a game

    Timber – The collection of discarded, burned, folded, or fouled cards; synonymous with “Deadwood”

    Time – (1) A player’s request to suspend play while he decides on how to act; (2) A fee paid to the casino or cardroom for a specific period of time played

    Time Collection – A fee for seat rental

    Time Out – To run out of time

    Toke – The tip, normally a small amount of money, that the winner of the pot gives to a casino or cardroom employee

        Token – A device, normally a chip, used to represent money for betting purposes

        Top Kicker – The highest possible kicker in a given situation

        Top Pair – A pair made with a pocket card and the community card of highest value

        Top Two Pair – To have both of one’s pocket cards match the highest two cards on the board

        Tough Player – A great poker player

        Tournament – A series of poker games wherein the participants eliminate one another by gaining their opponents’ chips

        Tournament Chips – Chips with no cash value–used merely to keep score in a tournament

        Trap – To act in such a way as to convince an opponent that one has a weak hand

        Trey – A 3

        Trio – Three of a kind: a hand with three cards of the same value; synonymous with “Triplets”

        Trip – To have a three cards of the same value on the board

        Triplets – Three of a kind: a hand with three cards of the same value; synonymous with “Trio”

        Turkish Pocket Aces – A pair of 8s in the pocket

        Turn – The fourth community card

        Turncard – In Omaha or in Hold’em: the fourth card dealt

        Turn Down – To fold one’s cards

        Twist – An extra card dealt to a specific player in exchange for an additional contribution to the pot; an option

            Two Flush – To cards of the same suit

            Two Pair – A hand with two different pairs and a kicker

            Two-Way Hand – A hand that can win both high and low halves of a split-pot game