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Poker Dictionary - R

    Rabbit Hunt – A request to see the remaining cards on a deck that should have been dealt as community cards had the game not ended yet

    Rack – A tray used for carrying up to 100 poker chips

    Rag – A weak hand or card

    Ragged – Used to describe a useless flop or board

    Railbird – Someone who hangs around a poker room just to watch people play

    Rainbow – A board with no more than two cards of the same suit present–making a flush impossible to complete

    Raise – To increase the size of a previous bet

    Rake – Chips or money from a pot, taken by a cardroom as compensation for hosting a game

    Rakeback – A promotional offer wherein a percentage of the amount taken by a cardroom is refunded to the player

    Ram and Jam – To bet, raise, or re-raise a significant amount; to play a hand aggressively

    Rank – The value of each card and hand which determines its strength or weakness

    Rap – To knock one’s hand on the table to indicate a check

    Raquel Welch – The pocket cards 8-3

    Rathole – To illegally take money off the table without leaving the game

    Razz – A variation of the 7-card stud game wherein the lowest five cards win the pot

    Re-buy – To pay an additional entry fee or to purchase additional chips so as to remain in the game

    Re-raise – To further raise another’s raise

    Read – To analyze a player based on how they play, their mannerisms, and other actions that could give out clues on what cards one is holding

    Redeal – To collect the cards previously dealt and distribute new cards–usually happens when a mistake is committed in the initial dealing of cards

    Rembrandt – Any face card: a King, a Queen, or a Jack; synonymous with “Coat Card,” “Court Card,” “Face Card,” or “Paint”

    Represent – Usually done to deceive an opponent: to play as if one is holding a specific card or hand

    Return on Investment – The amount of money or chips that a particular action would generate over a period of time; Computation: the amount expected minus the amount invested

    Reverse Tell - A player’s action done to convince an opponent that he/she has actually revealed information on the hand he/she currently has

    Ribbon Clerk – A player who does not bet a huge amount of chips or money; a tight and passive player

    Ring Game – Any of the non-tournament games played for real money

    River – The community card that is the last to be revealed in a game

    River Rat - A player who often plays weak hands and has laid several bad beats

    Rock – A tight and passive player: one who plays few hands and normally folds or bets just the minimum amount required to stay in the pot

    Rock Garden – A game or table where players are tight and passive

    Rockets – A pair of Aces in the pocket

    Roger - A 10 and a 4 in the pocket, suited or offsuit

    Roodles - A temporary increase in stakes for one hand due to an event that happened in the previous hand

    Rotation - A clockwise movement that is in the direction of the deal

    Rough - In a lowball hand: that which includes several of the highest possible cards for a given hand

    Round of Betting - That where players have the opportunity to bet, check, or raise

    Royal Flush – An Ace-high Straight Flush: A-K-Q-J-10 suited; he best possible hand in poker

    Run - (1) A series of good hands; (2) A straight; (3) A round of betting

    Run a Pot - To win a hand by successfully bluffing throughout a hand

    Runner - A card that completes or improves a hand, that dealt on either the turn or the river

    Runner-runner - Said to describe a hand which was completed only by both cards on the turn and the river

    Running - Cards dealt on the turn and river

    Running Bad - A losing streak primarily caused by a series of weak hands dealt

    Running Good – A winning streak due to having been dealt a series of strong hands

    Running Pair - When the cards laid on the turn and the river happens to be a pair

    Rush - A winning streak; a series of strong hands