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Poker Dictionary - P

    Packet - A portion of a deck

    Paint Cards - Kings, Queens, and Jacks; synonymous with “Face Cards,” “Court Cards,” and “Picture Cards”

    Pair - Two cards of the same number or face value

    Partially Wild Card - A card of a specific suit or value (often a Joker) that may be used as though they were cards of a different suit or value

    Pass - To fold

    Passive - Describes a player who frequently calls or checks even when betting, raising, or re-raising may be advisable

    Pay Off - To call on the final round of betting even when the probability of losing a hand is high

    Pay Station - A player who frequently calls better hands and loses; one who rarely folds

    Picked Off – To get called when one is bluffing

    Picture Cards - The Face Cards King, Queen, and Jack; synonymous with “Court Cards” and “Paint Cards”

    Play Back - To raise or re-raise another an opponent’s bet

    Play Fast - To do aggressive betting on a hand

    Play Over - To play in a position or seat when the occupant is absent

    Play the Board - To make the best possible hand using only the cards on the board

    Play the Rush – To become aggressive after a series of wins

    Pocket Cards – The cards dealt to a player face down; synonymous with “Hole Cards” and “Down Cards”

    Pocket Pair – Two cards of the same number or face value dealt face down to a single player

    Pocket Rockets – A pair of Aces in the pocket

    Point - A card’s value

    Poker Face - A face not showing any emotions or change in expressions–done to prevent opponents from gaining information on a player’s cards or intended actions

    Poker Network – A group of various poker rooms owned and managed by a single company

    Poker Room - A facility in a casino or any other venue where poker is played

    Position – A player’s seat in relation to the dealer; that which determines a player’s place in the betting order

    Post – To put money to the pot as an ante, a blind, or a bet

    Post-Mortem - A discussion or an analysis of a card game after it has ended

    Pot - The money or chips to be won by the victorious player at the end of a game; a central fund in which players place their wages

    Pot Limit - A game where the maximum bet can be equal to but cannot exceed the amount in the pot

    Pot Odds – The ratio of the amount of money in the pot and the amount of money one must put in the pot to continue playing

    Pothooks – A pair of 9s in the pocket

    Preflop – The bet or situation before the first three community cards are laid on the table

    Premium Hands – The best possible card combinations (hands) in a game

    Probe Bet - A bet made by a player primarily to gain information based on how his/her opponents would react; synonymous with “Feeler Bet”

    Proposition Bet - Side bets between players made beyond the normal rules of the game

    Proposition Hustler - A person who frequently makes side bets

    Protection Bet - (1) A bet made by a player with the goal of convincing some of the remaining players to fold; (2) A small bet that is posted to discourage opponents from making a larger bet

    Provider - A player who loses a significant amount of money either due to lack of skill and experience or to being at a table that is inappropriate for his/her playing skills and experience level

    Puppy Feet - Clubs

    Push - To give the chips to the victorious player

    Pushing Bets - The situation in which players agree to return each other’s money when one of them wins the pot so as to eliminate the competition happening between them

    Put Down - To fold a hand

    Putting on the Heat - To bet aggressively so as to post pressure to one’s opponents