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Poker Dictionary - J

    J Hook – A Jack

    J-Boy – A Jack

    Jack Up – To raise

    Jackpot – A prize awarded to a player who meets a pre-set criteria

    Jackpot Drop – A special fee meant for a jackpot offered at a specific table or cardroom

    Jackpot Poker – A form of poker wherein a jackpot is being offered by a cardroom or casino who has lost with a really big hand

    Jackson Five – The pocket cards Jack and 5, suited or off suit

    Jake – A five

    Jam - A pot where several players are raising

    Jammed Pot – A pot that has been raised the maximum number of times

    John – A Jack

    Joker – A card with neither a suit nor a rank that serves as a wild card or partially a wild card

    Joker Poker - A variation of poker played with the joker used as a wild card

    Jonah – A jinxed player