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Poker Dictionary - A

    A - Abbreviation for the Ace cards; usually found in written texts on poker hands

    A chip and a chair - Said to be the only things a player need to win a game

    A-Game - (1) The highest stakes game playable in any card room or casino; (2) how a player’s performance is defined when he is giving a game his best shot

    ABC - A sequence of the lowest possible cards

    ABC - A description of how someone plays poker by the book; playing in a predictable manner

    According to Hoyle - A phrase used to denote the strict adherence to the rules of poker

    Ace - A card in the deck which could be given either the highest or the lowest value, depending on the game being played

    Ace in the Hole - (1) An advantage not revealed outright; (2) an ace as a down card

    Ace Magnets - A pair of pocket Kings K[x]K[x]

    Ace Out - Means to win via an Ace-High hand

    Ace-High - A hand with an ace but without cards forming a pair

    Ace to Five - Used in a low hand game where 5-4-3-2-A is considered to be the lowest hand and where flushes and straights do not have any value

    Ace Up the Sleeve - A form of cheating where an Ace card is drawn from the deck for use later in the game

    Ace Working - An ace in a hand

    Acepots - A form of high draw poker wherein the pot cannot be opened without at least two aces in a player’s hand

    Aces and Spaces - A hand with two aces and three other worthless cards

    Aces Full - A full house consisting of three aces and a pair of any other card

    Aces Over - Two pairs of cards, one being a pair of aces; aces over any other pair in a full house

    Aces Up - A hand with a pair of aces, and a pair of any other card

    Acey-Deucey - A pair of aces and a pair of deuces; A-2 as a player’s first two cards

    Acey-Uppy - A pair of aces and a pair of any other card

    Act - To make a move (call, raise, or fold) during an allotted time

    Action - refers to betting (checking or raising)

    Active Player - A player who is currently in the hand

    Add-on - Adding more chips at the end of a tournament’s re-buy period

    dvantage Player - A player who mostly wins by cheating

    Advantage Tool - A tool used for cheating; i.e.: a marked card

    Advertise - To reveal an information (say, a card) that a player is not required to reveal with the intention of misleading how the other players interpret his game

    Agent - A cheater’s accomplice

    Aggressive - Used to describe a player who raises and re-raises often

    Ahead - Winning

    Ainsworth - 6-2 being one’s first two cards (hold’em)

    Air - Accidental uncovering of hands

    Ajax - An ace and a jack in the pocket

    Alabama Night Riders - Three Kings

    Alcohol - A declaration made by a player that he will be making the minimum bet to stay in a hand

    Alexander - The king of clubs

    All-Black - A club or a spade flush; synonymous with “All-Blue”

    All-Blue - A club or a spade flush; synonymous with “All-Black”

    All-Green - A flush

    All-Pink - A heart or diamond flush; synonymous with “All-Red”

    All-Red - A heart or diamond flush; synonymous with “All-Pink”

    All-In - Betting all of the chips a player has

    All-In Over the Top - When a player raises all of his chips after an opponent’s bet

    AMC - An abbreviation for the expression “All My Chips”

    All the way - When a player bets all of his chips

    American Airlines - A pair of aces

    Ammo - Chips

    Ammunition - Chips

    An Ace Working - An ace in a player’s hand

    Angle - A play or tactic that is neither legal nor illegal

    Angle-Shooter - A player who uses unfair tactics

    Animal - A loose aggressive player

    Anna Kournikova - An A-K in the pocket

    Ante - A mandatory bet paid before any cards are delt

    Ante Bean - A chip used as the ante

    Ante Up - To put one’s ante into the pot

    Apple - Often the biggest game in a particular club

    Aquarium - A card room or a table where a lot of inexperienced players are in

    Argine - The queen of clubs

    Arkansas Flush - A four-card flush

    Artist - A cheater who manipulates the deck

    Assigned Bettor - A player who is assigned to bet first in a particular round

    Athos - An ace and a 10 in a player’s hand

    Automatic Bet - A wager placed regardless of one’s hands; often a bluff

    Ax - (1) Any hand with an Ace and another card of lower value; (2) the percentage amount of money the house/host takes from the pot; synonymous with rake