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China Dragon Poker CEO Announces Plans for 2011


Ye Linlu or Max, from Fu Jian, China visited the Poker Portal Asia office last week and had a brief chat with the PPA team about his future plans. For those who are in the dark on who Linlu is, he is the chief executive officer of the China Dragon Poker website and forum (homepage here), which has a healthy following online— with roughly 10,000 players nightly!

Linlu, is also the manager of one of the respected poker teams in Asia; a group which includes Li You Nan, a fixture and consistent winner in Asian poker tournaments in the last few years. The same team also plans to play in most of the major events in Asia this year and positive that they will leave a mark in these events. (Editor’s Note: the interview was done in Chinese, for the benefit of our international readers, we’ve duly translated it. If you want to read the Chinese interview, please click here.)

PPA: Can you tell us how the team was formed?
YE: All of us were interested in poker, so we got together. As we participated in some competitions, we achieved some success and we wish to promote poker and make friends in the poker community so we set up the China Dragon Poker forum. This year, 5 to 10 players from us will attend the Asian Poker Tour (APT) event in the Philippines. Our forum will sponsor the players and wear our logo. We will form 1 to 2 teams who will participate in the Battle of the Teams side event. Last year, we (Team China) got the fourth place. It is a pity only three teams can place in the money. We expect that we can get an excellent result this year.

PPA: Can you tell us about the players who are expected to play in the APT?
YE: Mr. Li You Nan is our team captain, who always performs very well. Yu ZhiGang placed 7th in the Resorts World Manila 10M Poker Fiesta event last year and I placed 9th place in the same event. The three of us will combine to form the first team.

PPA: What can we expect from the team?
YE: Our target is the (team event) championship. With the experience from last year I expect we can get a prize. Regarding individual events, or the main event, our target is to place in the money. First, we don’t care about the prize money much as we want to fight for honor. Second, poker is our interest and third, we expect we can promote our forum during this tournament. I look forward for more and more players to support our forum, with passion for poker. Through this, we can contribute to the development of poker.

PPA: Can you tell us more about your Teng Long poker website?
YE: The China Dragon Poker (English translation for Tenglong) forum was set up last January 1, 2011. Now this forum is constantly developing and improving. We already have two affiliate projects, including one with DAFAPOKER. The third project is also about to start. We hope that the forum will promote understanding of Chinese poker and to promote poker in China. We have some features on the forum, introduction of poker, tournament news and rankings. We expect the Tenglong forum to attract more and more players especially the younger players, and them joining the forum and learning in order to contribute to the development of poker.

PPA: Where are your forum members from?
YE: We have arranged site management and customer service in China and Philippines. But we can’t provide 24-hour service at present. Hope that we can be 24 hours at 2011 APT Philippines. China poker market has more potential and is developing rapidly.

PPA: As individual and as a team, what other international tournaments to do you plan to join?
YE: As long as the tournaments are in Asia— less than three hour flight— such as Manila, Cebu, Macau, Korea, we are willing to attend them. We will go to the Macau Poker Cup too.

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