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Day 1A Ends

PokerStars Macau PokerStars Macau

PokerStars Macau Red Dragon Event Day 1A ends. For full recap, click here and to see who’s on top of the chip counts, click here.

Nice Pot for Leo

Manami Hayamizu Manami Hayamizu

Before the flop, Leo Liu made it 2,500 to go from under-the-gun. Manami Hayamizu then re-raised to 4,500 which Leo called and left them heads up.

Flop: Q 3 8

Leo kicked off the action with a bet of 4,300 which got a raise from Manami to 11,500. Again, Leo made the call.

The turn A was checked by both players. Then Leo added 5,000 to the pot as did Manami after the river 5. After which, Leo tabled his Q 9, then Manami mucked her hand.

Late Night Quadruple Up

Markus Garberg Markus Garberg

Pre-flop, a player made a raise to about 4,000 and got two callers, including David Steicke. Action then went over to Markus Garberg, who made things more complicated by going all-in for his last 12,475. The initial raiser called, and after much deliberation Steicke and the other player called as well. With a huge pot already in the middle, the flop was dealt.

Flop: K 6 4

With Garberg already all in, the three other players checked down the flop. The dealer then produced the turn, which brought the K. Sensing an opportunity, the initial pre-flop raiser moved all-in for around 15,000. The others got out of the way and it was a showdown:

Garberg: J J
Initial Raiser: A Q

Garberg was ahead with his jacks and would need to avoid an ace or queen to stay alive. The river was a complete blank, which not only kept Garberg alive but also quadrupled his stack and boosted him to about 51,000 in chips.

Last Twenty Minutes

PokerStars Macau PokerStars Macau

The day is almost over as tournament director Danny McDonagh has announced that there are twenty minutes left to go in the day. After that, the tournament staff will go around to bag the chips for the remaining players, who will return tomorrow night to play in Day 2.

Straight Doubles Chris

Pre-flop, the player under-the-gun made a raise to 4,000 which was called by a mid position player. Chris Tang then shoved his remaining stack of 4,100 all in from the small blind. The UTG player made a re-raise which prompted a fold from the player in mid position.

Chris: 10 Q

The flop A 6 9 didn’t look like much at first. Although the turn J improved the UTG player’s hand, it turned out to be more helpful to Chris as the river K completed a straight to double him up.

Harry Potter and the King

Pre-flop, the UTG player made a raise to 3,500 and got a grand total of four players making the call, boosting the pot to about 20,000.

Flop: J 10 Q

We expected fireworks with so many players in the hand and a flop like that but it wouldn’t turn out that way. The UTG player commenced the action with a bet of 4,000 but got folds from everybody except Jimmy King, who was in the button.

Turn: 4

When the turn card was dealt, the UTG player checked it over to Jimmy, who moved all-in for his remaining 40,000 or so in chips.

After taking some time to think about it, the UTG player, a Brit who would only identify himself as ‘Harry Potter’ to us, made the fold to award the pot to King.

Level 9 Begins

We are now on Level 9 of Day 1A! 110 players remain.