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Day 1A Wraps Up

Level: 10 Blinds: 400/800 Ante: 100

Well that’s it for Day 1A of the APT Asian Series Manila Main Event. It surely was a massive day on the tables with only 73 players remaining from the huge 198 field that started the day. Catch us tomorrow for Day 1B which is promising to be just as big with some of those players who busted today perhaps returning for their second chance at a deep run.

Perez Keeps On Stacking

Level: 10 Blinds: 400/800 Ante: 100
William Perez William Perez

William Perez is currently one of the chip leaders and he surely has no thoughts of slowing down.

In one of the last hands of the day, a player from under the gun position raises the pot just slightly above the minimum. The hijack position makes the call and so does Perez from the cutoff.

On a flop of 5 A 9, the UTG player makes a follow up bet of slightly under half the pot. The hijack player folds and Perez makes the call. Both players check the next two cards: turn 2 and river 3. On showdown, Perez opens up A 6 for top pair as his opponent quickly mucks his cards. Perez takes the pot and further extends his lead.

Hanafy Flushes One Out

Level: 10 Blinds: 400/800 Ante: 100

Tim Hanafy has just taken out a player in what we’ve been told must be his seventh flush of the night. On a board of K 5 9 7 Hanafy made a 7k bet. His opponent thinks for over a minute and surprisingly announces all-in. Hanafy doesn’t hesitate one second and makes the call as he flips open Q 10. His opponent was way behind with J 9, and with a river of 6 Hanafy scoops up a sweet pot while sending one to the rail.

Chong Gets Clocked Twice and Catches Bluff

Level: 9 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 75
Victor Chong Victor Chong

This was a sick hand for many reasons. For one, it was big, for another it took an eon to finish and, yet another, well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise…

It began with the UTG player opening the action preflop for 1400. Park Ji Wan makes the call but Victor Chong from Malaysia bumps it up to 3725. The UTG player folds but Wan comes along for the ride.

The dealer tables 7 4 7 and both players check. On the turn 2 Wan leads out for 4400 and Chong spends a good five minutes playing around with his chips hypnotically until another player out of the hand calls the clock on him. He finally stacks up a raise to 10,125 into the middle and Wan doesn’t take long to call.

On the river 7 Wan puts in a monster bet of 15,700, leaving just 10,000 behind him and essentially putting Chong all in. The Malaysian stands up and says, “Wow, I have Pocket Kings, man. You seriously have a Seven?”

Chong looks dumbfounded, putting his hands on his head and going through a real sweat over whether to call. Once more the clock is called on him until the dealer counts him down and with 2 seconds to go he announces “call”.

Wan immediately mucks his hand and Chong elatedly turns over A K. Now, while it’s highly doubtful Wan would muck blind any Pockets for the full house, he doesn’t look happy with Chong’s theatrics and we can only wonder what Wan’s hand really was.

Park Decimates Chua’s Stack

Level: 9 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 75
Daniel Chua Daniel Chua

Daniel Chua must have had a difficult time reading his opponent Sang Park when he shoved all his chips in the middle to try to push out Park on a board of 2 2 4 5. He was in a world of hurt when Park made the call and showed the A 3 straight against his feeble A-9 hand. The river K further sealed the deal as Park hit his nut flush. Chua could only watch on as the majority of his chips headed in Park’s direction. Park now has over 95k in chips while Chua lingers just above starting stack.

Chip Leader Perez Settles for a Chop

Level: 9 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 75
William Perez William Perez

Chip Leader William Perez has over 120k in in chips and it seemed like he would add more to his arsenal in this hand, however, Vic Pena took the challenge and denied the Guam player a chance to scoop.

A mid-position player raises the pot, Perez on cutoff and Pena on the big blind make the call. On a flop of 4 Q K, Pena and the mid position player both check as Perez bets out for 2500. Pena makes the call and the mid position player folds.

With an A at the turn, Pena check-calls Perez’s 5000 bet. On the river of 5, both players check and flip open their cards. Both players held A-Q for an uneventful chopped pot.

Corpuz Cripples Date

Level: 9 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 75
Phil Date Phil Date

With a little over half the field cleared out of the tables, and big stacks visible in most every table, it is not unusual to see short-stacks battle it out. In a recent tangle, Phil Date and Martin Corpuz saw a flop of 10 7 Q.

Date pushed his chips in the middle and Corpuz thought for a minute until he announced “Gotta do it sometime!” and pushed all his chips in as well. When the cards flipped over, Date showed 10 10 up ahead against Corpuz’s A 8. Unlucky for Date, the J turn burned his set as Corpuz hit his nut flush. The river was a K. After the chip count, Date was ahead but is now crippled down to 3k.