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Day 1A is Over

APT Asian Series Cebu APT Asian Series Cebu

Day 1A of APT Asian Series Cebu is over. We’ll update the final chip count in a bit. Check the Chip Count tab in a few minutes.

Coverage of Day 1B starts at 2PM tomorrow.

Up and Down: The Story of Hasse

We caught up with a board of 3 9 3 and already 8000 plus in the pot when Mike Takayama raised to 7,200 from the small blind and was called by the big blind, Julian Hasse.

After both players checked the turn 6, Takayama led off the river Q with a 7,000 bet. Hasse tanked for a long time before finally calling Takayama’s bet and showed 5 5. He caught Takayama’s big bluff after the ex-billiard pro showed K 4.

However, Hasse’s downfall was about to come.

Two hands later, he was again involved in a pot this time against Sorokin Maxim. With a board of 6 6 8 2 Hasse went all-in, putting at risk most of his chips. Curiously, Maxim thought for a long time before asking Hasse: “Do you have the flush?” then called and showed him pocket eights for the full house.

Hasse couldn’t believe his fate nor Maxim’s tanking.

On the very next hand, Hasse, who was obviously on tilt shoved and got a call from, who else, Maxim who had A Q

Hasse flipped 10 10 and the showdown was on.

Flop: 2 Q K

Maxim went ahead after hitting the queen and Hasse would find no help with the turn 6or river 4

With that, Hasse is sent to the rail. And Maxim stacks his chips to over 90,000.

The Takayama Show

Mike Takayama Mike Takayama

Mike Takayama has raked in some consecutive big pots, putting him in the current top three chip leaders.

In one, he reraised the cutoff’s min raise to 4200, which was then called. The flop comes 7 10 K and was checked to Takayama who then bet 3000. A call saw the 9 fall on the turn and Takayama move all in, to which his opponent reluctantly folded.

Another hand saw Takayama muscle up against Sorokin Maxim. On an unraised flop of 6 2 8, Takayama bet out 2000, which was then raised by Maxim to 6000. Takayama shipped his stack all in and forced the Russian to fold his hand. Takayama confessed moments later to us that he just had a flush draw.

Maxim’s stack is now down to just 15000.

Short-stacked Nerry Making Moves

With Dr. Bernardito Pino calling from early position, JJ Nerry called in the small blind and the big blind checked the option.

Flop: 6 4 10

First to act, and despite having the shorter stack, Nerry bet out 2,800 to force the fold from the big blind and Pino.

Small pot but good enough for Nerry in his plan to stay alive.

Waki Can’t Take the Heat This Time

Waki Yasuhiro Waki Yasuhiro

On the preflop, Waki Yasuhiro bet out 1,825 and Wilfredo Bancheneila called from the big blind.

Both checked after the flop 7 7 2 and turn 5 before Bancheneila made a move after the river 10 to take down the pot and up his stack to around 26,400.

Salunga and Gonzalez Eliminate with Cowboys

Martin Gonzales Martin Gonzales

Pocket kings have had a good run in the tournament so far with Ray Salunga and Martin Gonzalez both sending opponents to the rail with the hand.

In Salunga’s case the cutoff raised and Salunga just called. The raiser continuation bet the queen high flop and Salunga pushed all in and was immediately called with A Q. A king on the river signalled another player falling by the wayside.

Gonzalez, however, didn’t slow play his cowboys, three-betting Edison’s initial raise to 3000. Dong Huw Jang then goes all in, Edison folds and Gonzalez calls for around 9000 more. Jang shows pocket nines but Gonzalez trips his kings on the flop and eliminates Jang from the event, as well as growing his own chip stack to around 70,000 for second place in the tournament so far.

Regis Stack Takes a Hit

Manuel Regis made a bet of 500 on preflop. The man in the position’s bet was called by opponents Rey Basto and JJ Nerry who were positioned on the button and small blind, respectively.

Flop: 2 10 4

Nerry bet 1,300 as Basto folded while Ruegis called. The turn 6 couldn’t stop Nerry from leading out again, this time with 2,800. Regis decided that enough damage has been done this hand and fight another battle in another time. Nerry has around 12,200, still short-stacked while Ruegis goes down to 23,400.